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Codeine addiction by

Hi Kay, Buying online is very expensive and it's a very slippery slope because it's so easy at the moment. However I think the government is getting wise to it and cracking down on these online pharmacies so I don't think they will be prescribing opioids online for much longer, there has been quite a lot in the news about it lately. So there's a risk you get dependent on these online pharmacies and then they stop selling... Can you go to your GP and ask if he can prescribe a small amount for a taper? Sounds like there are some decent GPs out there (Teddy's for example). That would be better than going down the online rabbit hole. But I can understand your concern about the paracetamol, ironically from what I've read the pure codeine probably doesn't have that many side effects (mainly psychological and in the brain chemistry), it's the paracetamol and/or ibuprofen that does the physical damage (disclaimer: I'm not a doctor or anyone in the know!) h x

I need help, I'm scared. Co-codamol addiction by

Hi all, just jumping in to give some hope to anyone with a seriously heavy codeine dependency. I was taking somewhere between 28-30 x 30mg codeine tablets every single day - that's about 900mg or thereabouts. Whilst being a mum to two, holding down a job and to the outside looking ok. I knew i couldn't cold turkey off that amount, i'm sure some people can but I knew I wouldn't be able to. I'm in the last two weeks of a 2 month taper down, and at the end of next week should be down to 0! To be honest the slow taper has meant the physical symptoms have been not too bad, some aches and pains (although these have only been worse in the last couple of weeks) and a runny nose. Psychologically it has been harder, i'd become so used to a lift from the pills in the morning and another lift in the afternoon there's a definite feeling of low mood and loss of the thing I used to look forward to each day - my 'little helper' (even though in the end it didn't even really make me feel good). Anyway, I'm just posting to say that tapering is an option if cold turkey doesn't work for you. I've managed not to need a day off work or anything in this 2 month period, although it has been hard sometimes. Good luck all xxx