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I can not cope anymore by

Hi, Thanks for sharing the story ! I am also in different country and married a guy who was clean for 6 years but he is taking again. I’m in Norway and i moved here for him. I was thinking many times to leave because I also couldn’t find job here. But I love him so I never did it. But now I finally found a job and im planning to move. And I understand how hard it must be…. I also have cat here but I can’t take him yet. I can take him only in September which makes me more sad. And I don’t know if I should leave now or later or what…. Probably you feel disappointed that you went to other country to be with the person you love and then this happens. He chooses something else over you. That’s at least how I feel. But if you have opportunity to leave just do it. It’s great that you have your family to support you. I don’t know what I would do without my friends and fam. I know already know that I’m codependent. And sometimes out of comfort zone I’m kind of in now I don’t want to leave him. And of course it’s scares me a lot to be alone. But I guess that’s better than this all. Let me know how it’s going with you and what’s the update ! :) Hugs from Norway !

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