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Ketamine withdrawal by

Shrooms would be ideal for microdosing - however it is swapping one drug reliance for another Ketamine addiction is primarily developed over seeking the most escapism, wanting out of your reality, routine, day and consciousness for a short while. Its cheap, light in its comedown and very socially accepted within most universities, so its quickly able to take over someones life, with little attention caused. I overcame my ketamine addiction with the use of a more holistic approach; after my friends called an intervention, i slowly began improving my relationship with myself esteem, friends, family, work and uni aspects. I started leaving the house more, even just for a walk. my friends were so supportive in getting me back to being excited for old hobbies like movies and food, - when i was taking ket i wouldnt eat at all. When i strengthened these bonds i knew i would sacrifice too much if i started taking it again, and to be honest completely escaping out of reality for a bit just wasnt the priority anymore, it put me in a much better place from when i started uni and started taking ket. Addiction sheds light on various factors, but for young students adopting addiction over a university period, factors like social anxiety, self-esteem, stress, overthinking, etc are of major importance. its much easier to be in your room completely out of it, then forcefully social and feeling vulnerable. if they are unable to adjust to these connections just yet, microdosing shrooms can very well help an individual stop relying on the dissociation of ketamine and to the connections caused by shrooms, but soon this should be replaced with non-substance based activities, bonding experiences etc. Only speaking from experience, i hope this helps!

poem - child of an addict by

Its not you But its me, Infatuated with you, who protects and loves me, who i'll someday be like too. its the days of going away, no calls or texts or anything to explain no sleep or appetite- ide wait. only to be reunited with gifts before again she runs away its not you its not abuse its not neglect in any of its sense But its me, watching you, sweating, shaking, screaming "mummys ill, mummys dying, what do i do?" In-between hallucination and sleep, she would scream the most unforgettable of shrieks, see for me, these are the memories i keep. see i praise you, you handled it well, but by the end of the week it just couldn't stay hidden from jumping off the walls to lifeless, bitter and completely bed-ridden but its not you, its not abuse, its not neglect, in any of its sense But its me, who eagerly awaits that morning for a days plan you promised high, but you have no recollection, so you come and shout with empty eyes see its these forgotten promises, and false hope i really despise it taught me to stop believing since everything turns out a lie but its not you, its not abuse, its not neglect in any of its sense But it is me having to deal with different versions of you depending on how much you've taken or the last time you used see after a while this really took a toll, it left me feeling empty, so far from being whole, the more strangers that entered the more i began to resent her and soon my love turned cold. Its not you its also me dont you see?

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