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Dihydrocodeine and me by

Hi everyone, for the past two years I have been addicted to dihydrocodeine. My addiction began after i started getting strange and excruciating pains after taking a laxative, I now get the pains every time I over eat, the doctor can't give me a proper diagnosis as he is unsure of what is causing the pain, I've had lots of different explanations which all came back negative, I've tried umpteen different painkillers which have been prescribed but dihydrocodeine is the only one that fully takes the pain away. when i got the pain and took the dihydrocodeine it was a euphoric feeling as it took the pain away. I did use them correctly to begin with but I began to enjoy that euphoric feeling and began misusing them. I'm now at the stage I get 200 every month from the doctor and I have taken those 200 within a week and a half, taking 20+ a day! I mix them with my pregablin and energy drinks and they make me feel on top of the world like i am invincible I can do anything. I need help, I'm afraid to go to the doctor as this demon drug is the only painkiller I've had take the pain away so I am afraid the doctor will stop my script and I'll be in agony constantly. I've came clean and told my fiance what's been going on and he's agreed to lock away my script unless I really need it. I Live in Scotland in the Clackmannanshire area, does anyone know of any support groups etc? I'm at my wits end I am fully aware of all the damage these "drugs" are causing my body but yet when i get my script i can't help myself from taking them, please help me!