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Mother addicted to alcohol by

My mum has been going through mental health issues and addiction my entire life, i'm only 17 so it's all I have known. I say this so you don't feel as alone. My mum has twice come SO SO close to death! From my personal experience when it comes to mental health or substance abuse the individual will not get better unless THEY want to. This was the hardest thing I ever learnt. Although, I want to make you feel better and there's a huge list of what to say to make people feel better, I have to be honest with you. One of the most important things ypu need to do although, you need be there for her and help her you alsp need to find a balance with looking agyer yourself! It's difficult i got that balance wrong and even though I ended up in so much pain I got through it and im know at the stage I can to a degree talk about it and help others. The biggest piece of advice i can give you although its not really advise is unless SHE wants it, she won't get better. SHE has to be motivated and want it. My mum went eventually to detox where her liver had failled got admitted to hospital over christmas from November 22nd to January 11th. She tried to discharge herself and nearly got sectioned. She ended up coming out and the went into rehab 5 days later where she again discharged herself for reasons not related to lack of motivation. She is doing better she has been sober for 91 days. If you don't mind me asking how old are you as I am pretty young (still in my first year of college.)

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When is it time to stop? by

Too cut the story short my mum is an alcoholic and after many years of heavy drinking that is the results of her poor mental heath she has landed herself very ill and in hospital. I'm 16 with 2 younger brothers, I also live with my granddad and dad my mum eventually got help through the GP in summer, she started horizon and they agreed that she needed detox away from home and rehab. When she went to detox on the 22nd November they said she was too ill to stay there as her liver had failed and she was extremely ill. She has know been in hospital for 7/ 8 weeks. We went to see her baring in mind she is a 2 hour drive away. We found her shouting and crying to the junior doctor saying she was discharging herself and she wasn't going to rehab. The nurses said to us that she needed a mental health assessment because she needed to be sectioned, however my mum is very manipulated and isn't stupid. Therefore, i'm concerned that she won't be sectioned and will discharge herself! So i'm on here to ask at what point to we as a family take a step and let her go. I don't want to enable her drinking as she will die and i don't want to be the reason she dies, but my mum has rights and at some point i'm going to have to take a step back because I have done everything and anything that I can do. Can someone please give me some advice i'm only 16 and I don't know what to do. This is such a struggle, crying every day I can never sleep. I have insomnia. I tell people its because of my ADHD but its really because i'm constantly thinking she will die. I've never had a mum and its all i want, I suffer everyday!! The abuse growing up the heartache and pain. I never talk about it to anyone because it's to painful. Growing up feeling no one loves me, neglected and suffering if anyone could offer help that would be great.


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Alcoholic Mother by

I'm only 16 nearly 17 and have been dealing my mums alcoholism since i can remember, its all i have ever known. She has a breakdown when i was 4 and has been drinking since i can remember. I have spent my life begging my mum to get help, researching her symptoms. It has had a huge impact on my mental health negatively, no one should have to go through this. This isn't nice to hear but one of the hardest lessons i learnt is that when it comes to addicts they have to want to get better, that doesn't mean leave them to it they will need help and encouragement. My mum after years and years finally went to the doctors she heavily suffered the stigma around mental health. My point is you can do everything and anything but it's down to them, my mum had a wake up call she is know in hospital and severely ill as her liver has failed, it was a wake up call. You need to make sure that you look after yourself because otherwise it will ruin you, it nearly ruined me and has torn my family apart. I understand if that helps.