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My ex partner has just died by

Dear Murphygirl, I am very sorry for your loss and the terrible pain and rollercoaster of emotions that you have experienced re your expartner being found dead, This is a tragedy and is heartbreaking . Your last correspondence contained not nice communication and that is preying on your mind. It is important to remember that you only use this type of communication with someone when you have feelings for them (not always positive but they say that love and hate are closely related). You were together for ten years which is a long time. Your description of you thinking that you should have hang on in there with him to help him is something that many people in your situation might feel compounds your guilt. I also know that most people will realise that sometimes the only way out is to leave and say goodbye. Staying with an addict in the hope that it will help them recover whilst the situation is slowly destroying you does little to support the addict. I am very sorry for your loss. Please take some comfort from this response and the others also. The love and shared experiences you shared will never go away. My own personal experience enables me to empathise with some of the rollercoaster of emotions that you are feeling. Please take care and seek comfort from the communication with your ex partner's brother

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Wanting to share the pain by

Hello, I am feeling really low and sad right now. My only son who I raised alone has alcohol addiction and previously drugs although I am unsure about that now as I had to find the strength to cut him out of my life as it was totally destroying me. I was living a nightmare of fear for several years and I I was aware that all I was doing was enabling him. I have prayed and hoped and begged to no avail. The accompanying hell of prison visits, child protection meetings and the associated nightmare events of addiction are permanently with me although I try hard to compartmentalise for the sake of my sanity. As a mother, you never stop loving your child and my heart breaks for the losses associated with his addictions and for the pain caused to him and others. I have been particularly sad today and just needed to share. I continue to have hope, that is all I have left now. Thank you for the opportunity to share, I feel so very alone with it all.

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