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Finally had the truth by

I spoke to my ex yesterday . She basically told me the only reason she was with the dealer is because of the coke , and she would of done anything for it ! She also told me about nites that she nearly got raped in house party's and , lads calling her names and being horrible to he because of how skinny she was . She said she always came home to me cos she loved me and the reason she was always out was because she wanted the coke . I dunno if all this is lies or not , as the last 3 times I've seen her of this last month and half , she's constantly sniffing like she's got a cold . She also kept on saying that by looking at her I should know she's off it . She hanst really out any weight on the tho . And she did admit that she done it a week on Thursday ago . She's still moving away apparently , she said she's not moving in with he new bf she's having a flat of her own . She said in rehab it made her realzie that she didn't love the dealer she loved me , that's why she would always come home to me . But yet she's found another bf in rehab ! Insted of working it out with me and being honest . When I was talking to he her eyes would get massive like when she used to be on it , and also like I said , a sniff every 10miutes or so and smoking quiet alot in a short space of time . Also she was going through subjects quicker than mastermind ! But I'm still not 100 percent sure she was on it , it just didn't seem right . I'm still cut up about her cos I put my self through hell for her for 2 years to get her of this stuff. I just feel like all my pain and suffering were point less and I'm just feeling very alone . And she doesn't care at all about me now she's got s new bf

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Will things ever change? by

Wow what an amazing story and I can relate so much . My ex now has a new partner , and obviously I'm rock bottom . As she went into rehab for 3 weeks but I was told she was trying to get drop offs there . Straight out of rehab she moved in with her friend from rehab who has a flat in Birmingham , he was/is an alcoholic and he new bf who was a cocaine addict like her. I didn't know she had a new bf as she kept this very quiet . I had to drive there a few weeks ago as she was in a right mess. Saying she felt like she was gonna die , her heart was comming out of her chest , she can't cope etc ....drove all the way there and she looked like a rite mess . Last week it was he grandads funeral and she left he new boyfriend on the night of the wake and her family to go and use with another lad/dealer . She didn't get home till 9 am the following morning. I texted he old dealer and he said she even asked him 4 days before if he wanted a mid week sesh . She admitted to me that she did use on the night of the funeral , but that was only because she was back in the local area . I really feel like she's still using and I still want to save her. Is it possible that this was just a 1 time relapse or has she moved to Birmingham so No1 can see what she's up too

I guess I’m moving out by

Move on trust me . I stuck by my ex partner of 10 years for 2 years through addiction . I lost myself in the addiction, destroyed me mentally and physically. If I could turn back the clock now I would of walked away straight away . If he loves you he will get better and come and find you . Take time for yourself and do things that make you happy . Trust me I was told this 2 years ago and I thought , no way . I'm not leaving her I can help . All it did is push us away from each other . There's 3 of you in your relationship and your needs are last on the list. Just get that now apartment and tell him you will be there for him when he's ready to get help and leave and don't look back . I lost everything over cocaine addiction and I did everything to stop my partner from using and it destroyed us .

Never felt so low by

She doesn't seem ashamed at all . She's just got bk now and her autny has told me she was slagging me off to death in her nans saying it was all my fault ! Even tho when she was doing it she would tell me it was because of her mum and dad and her child hood trauma . But when I first told her grandparents she's through me under the bus then . I just can't believe someone would do this to someone who has been there for them through everything and take no responsibility for it ! She won't spit on me if I was on fire now

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Feeling really low by

Hiya everyone , I'm feeling really low at the moment I'm writing this . Basically my ex fiance got addicted to coke 2 years ago and I've been in this world wind of trying to stop her and trying to help her ever since , I've been emotional and physical abused by her , we all know the lies and manipulation that come with it . Managed to get her into rehab and I think she went because there was no other way out as all her family know about it now and she didn't have anywhere to run to . I still love her but she holds all the power and one week she wants me the next week she doesn't . She's been in rehab now for 2 weeks , she has 1 week left . She's told me that our relationship turned her to coke and it's partly my fault and she wants nothing to do with me anymore . I can't understand how all I've done is been there for her to help and support her for the last 10 years we have spent together . But now Im the bad guy . Does addiction change people when they recover as she hasn't had any now for 2 weeks and she's still horrible with me but she's fine with the rest of her family ...when in reality her family have never been there for her and I was once everything to her . I just can't get my head around it . She has mental health issues and bpd before taking coke every other day for 2 years . So is this just who she is now and do I just need to relaize she hates me now ? Thanks for reading and hope eveyone is feeling ok


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