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My twin is a crack head by

I felt the need to talk to share . I am so lost without her . We where inseparable always have been . We’re both mid forty and have a 11 kids between us both and 7 grandkids . All of our kids so very close. Things are so very different now . My twin has been on crack coke for around 14 months now . I just can’t put into words how much it has destroyed me and our family . She has lost her home and her children . Relations have broken down so badly they won’t talk to or of her unless it’s to talk about the endless embarrassments she creates for them . I fought endlessly for her house and her children . They are brought up as my own and always have been. It’s not only the loss of my other half it’s loss of such precious moments in all our lives . Loss of time and life . Birthdays precious moments , Christmas . The loss of Just one person in our lives is un imaginable, indescribable . Such sadness in all of hearts in our eyes without her near us . So many doctors hospitals therapist and still she is lost . I hold to the light in my heart to guide me through this dark time . It carry’s me through the pain and gives me strength for all of her 6 children . I truly believe faith and love will win this fight . I will never give up as it is giving up on myself . Not a child husband or parent can replace the other half of me