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I feel like I’ve lost my dad by

I'm sorry any one has to go through this. It is heartbreaking and so sorry to hear about your Dad, I fear mine will be lost soon due to not admitting the extent of the drink problem. He always uses an excuse of stress etc. The health impacts of alcohol so far have seen him suffer delerium tremens, be put on beta blockers for bad heart, incontinence problems, depression and anxiety medication, but he won't take his medication and continues to drink. I fear for his life, but I'm reaching the end of my tether for helping him. It's been a downward slope for over 10 years now. It's like the nurse said not last time but the time before he was in hospital that people go on about how bad smoking is but it is nothing compared to the destruction she sees with alcohol addiction. That was the time my Dad was in hospital and on 95% oxygen support with severe pneumonia, bought on by the drink. He has also had sepsis in the past which I think was too bought on by the drink. Back then the consultant said he was malnourished due to him filling his calories with drink. All they could do was keep him in for 7 - 10 days, detox him and send him on his merry way. The nurse said ideally, he should check into a rehab, but he prob won't as alcoholics rarely do. They just get home after a detox, last a few days then hit the bottle again. She said they need to want to help themselves. My younger brother cut contact a while back because of the drinking and his choice of toxic relationship with his partner. I feel he is disillusioned and have spent the past couple of weeks mulling over the idea of cutting contact and even said with him being drunk again it can be a goodbye for now. If he sorts himself out then he can be in my life. But I doubt he will even remember the conversation in the morning or even in an hour. I fear he has pickled his brain and memory from the addiction.