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Hi everyone, for the past 5 years ive had so many ups and downs and i dont know what to do anymore, i dont know how to seek help again because ive faked my happiness again and i feel like if i ask my parents for help, they would just say "what now? Whats happened now? You have been sp happy lately" but ive actually been so sad lately thats im sick physically. Ive lost a lot of weight too and im failing 6 classes, i know i wont be able to get anything done or to pass this year if i dont get some kind of help and i dont think my parents will understand that.. any advice would help really, even just reassurance or tell me about what helped u maybe.

How do i seek help? by

Hi, since new year started ive been clean from drugs and alchohol although, when school starts i know i wont be able to resist going out with my friends and taking something. Ive been doing drugs for about 2-3 months but i can really feel the damage on my body and the changes in my emotions, i noticed i got a lot skinnier and a lot more depressed and suicidal. Im still in high school, im failing 6 classes and my teachers noticed somethings wrong with me. I want to tell my parents that i started doing drugs, i want to let out my anger and sadness on someone so i can be forced or at least offered help. Im to scared to ask for help and im to scared to tell my friends about this cause i know that they wont be able to help because they hardly even want to stop. I really just want to die right now ive never felt more like a failure then right now..

How i got into drugs by

When i was 14 and just got into high school, i wasnt the happiest person. I was depressed and suicidal and i didnt know what i wanted with my life or if i even wanted anything. On the first week on school i meet this guy and we became friends and talked a bit and stuff. We knew each other only for 2 months but hanging out with him was my only reason to get up in the morning and get ready for school. We became close and i found out hes a drug addict. I didnt think much of it and at first i didnt believe it. We became a couple and it was nice but he started offering my drugs because he said its a good way for 2 people to open up and become closer in a short period of time, of course i said no at first. He would offer it to me every now and then and sometimes ask me if id ever do drugs with him and my answer would always be no. But one day me him and my friends were hanging out and he had something with him to snore and he offered it to all of us, one of our friends took it and a bit later i also gave in. I didnt really care much if i became a drug addict at first and i thought of it like " i dont be addicted, i can stop whenever i want to" but i was wrong. After that first time, id take sometjing every weekend with him and we had fun and we did really get closer but usually a day after we would take drugs he would become angry and agressive, because he couldnt sleep or eat or he had a fight with his parents and sometimes it would lead to us fighting. I want to stop doing drugs and some people told me to break up with my boyfriend, but even if i did i know that would help me much bc most of the people i hang out with do drugs and dont have a problem with it. I feel like if i found a way to stop, id have to isolate myself completely from everyone that does drugs.

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Drug addiction , want change by

Getting out of a drug addiction isnt just "stop taking it". U first need to get out and stop whatever u were doing that got u into trying drugs and continuing doing drugs. That can be just ur neighbors, your partner, family, close friends, classmates, and so on. Distancing yourself from what first got u into doing drugs would probably be the first and most important thing to do. If u manage to do that much asking for help in a drug help center would probably be the second step. From then its all about believing in urself and wanting to get better.

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Drug addict boyfriend by

Hi everyone, im really lost and i dont know what to do, so im here to ask for advice. I have a boyfriend, let say his name is Ben. I meet Ben in my class and we became friends, i knew he did drugs before we dated and i didnt think it would be a problem for me if we dated. We started dating and everything was good but then he started offering me drugs because he said drugs are a easy way to get closer with someone in a short period of time. I refused it a lot of time and told him id think about it. After just one month of dating i gave in and since then ive been doing drugs with him and since then i actually realized that its not that easy being with a drug addict or being a drug addict yourself. I really want us to stop doing drugs but i dont know how that would work, when we go out were never sober, we always take something and i have a feeling like we wouldn't be able to talk normaly or have fun normally without drugs. Thats why i want us to stop so badly, also because he lost a lot of weight and so did i. Today i told him that one day we will have to stop, at the same time together.. but i dont know where to start. Were both failing a lot of classes and i dont really care much about it and i know he doesnt either.. i dont know if i care enough about my life to stop doing drugs or start doing something productive. The only reason i really want this is because i want to be happy without drugs but i also want my boyfriend to be happy with me. Hes addicted way worse then me and i dont know how could i alone be able to help him and myself. If i wanna stop i need to stop now.. that's what a lot if people told me but honestly i wish it was almost half as easy as that. Im scared to stop now but i do wanna stop. Im scared to stop because at one point i can say that drugs really made me feel fulfilled and i felt like that was all i really need, i dont know if i still feel that way. I really dont know what to do, im still so young and i dont know how will u live with myself if i dont do it as quick as possible. Please help me!

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