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Adfam@Home is a remote support service offering one to one support sessions or counselling directly. Six counselling or support sessions are available to adults affected by a loved one's drug or alcohol use, and will be delivered via Zoom or telephone.

To request support or counselling,  please complete the form below. Please note, we will not currently be contacting new referrals until mid June so there may be a wait of several weeks before you hear from us. After that, we will be in touch to check out that what we can offer is appropriate for you and then, when available, we will put you in touch with a support worker/counsellor to arrange your first session.
You will need to have private use of a room and an appropriate device for your sessions, and we will also discuss any previous support, personal circumstances and ask about your mental health to ensure that providing you with remote sessions is safe and suitable for you.

    What we offer

    6 sessions of one to one support from a skilled and experienced worker
    Support sessions will provide you with the opportunity to explore how your loved one's drug or alcohol use is affecting you and to receive support with how to make changes if you would like to. Our experienced worker will spend time listening to you, and over the six sessions will also introduce a range of topics which we have found to be helpful to those affected by another person's substance use. Our worker will (metaphorically!) walk alongside you as you plan a way forward and may make suggestions for further support or advice if appropriate.

    6 sessions of one to one counselling with a qualified and experienced counsellor
    Counselling provides you with the opportunity to be supported in a non-directive way to explore whatever is going on for you. You may choose to talk about your loved one's substance use or something else may feel more pressing at the moment. Our counsellor won't give advice or cover particular topics with you - she will provide a space to support you emotionally with whatever you bring.

    To request support sessions, please complete the form below. 

    Please note - we cannot guarantee that your application will be successful. We will be in touch to talk it through with you and check that what we are offering is appropriate for you.

    Adfam stores and uses personal data in line with the GDPR. We will never share your data with another organisation for any purpose. Data will be kept and used only for as long as is necessary to enable us to provide you with the support you request, and to fulfil legal and statutory obligations. For further details please see Adfam's full privacy policy

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