Imelda’s story

I am a mother of two adult children. My son, now 26 years old, has been struggling with addiction for around 10 years. He progressed from cannabis to cocaine and, around 2 years ago, to crack cocaine. This has taken him, and our family, to some very dark places. Fortunately he is now in recovery, after various relapses. We are hopeful that his recovery will continue, and he has great support from Narcotics Anonymous, friends and family.

I attend a monthly meeting in my local area, for families of addicts. This group is invaluable, providing much-needed peer support when times are difficult. I have also accessed Adfam’s website from time to time, and found it really helpful, though I don’t attend groups as there aren’t any in my area. I have been really grateful for the support and information provided by the website, particularly the case studies.