Improving life for
 families affected by
  drugs and alcohol

Drug & alcohol use can threaten and ultimately destroy family relationships and wellbeing. We empower family members and carers, support frontline workers and influence decision-makers to stop this happening.

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When it comes to dealing with a loved one’s substance use, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. But family members have a wealth of experience on how to respond, rather than react, in the face of challenging behaviour. Here are some of their top tips:


Have you been affected by a loved one's drug or alcohol use? Would you like to share your story?

The experiences and stories of families can contribute to a powerful voice for change. Join us in the fight for recognition and support for families:


#Stigma doesn't just affect people with a substance misuse issue - it affects their friends and families too.

This is a serious barrier to recovery, and we need to overcome it.



“I have a sinking feeling that while she was struggling with her identity, alcohol was her only friend.” - Gary

Read our Journeys booklet for LGBT people and their families.


This can be a hard time for children affected by their parent's drinking. They hope things will be different this year, but worry again it will be a time of upset and isolation.

The Nacoa helpline is open every day over Xmas to talk and offer support. #URNotAlone #AdventCare


Recovery brings a new start, but that might mean having to get to know your loved one again. Read more top tips from family members in Greenwich:


"I did not feel at all stigmatised by my GP, but there was a bit of

misunderstanding. She wasn’t quite sure of how it all works."

We've developed a new online resource with @lgbtfriend that advises families, partners and friends of people that engage in #chemsex.


It can be tempting to try and solve all the problems we come across ourselves, but family members in Greenwich told us that it is not helpful to try and do it all alone. Here are some of the other things they didn’t find helpful: #charitytuesday


Has substance use within your family affected your couple relationship?

With @OnePlusOne_ we have created an audio collection of short stories and practical advice from real people living in families affected by drug or alcohol use.

Listen to it here:


We asked family members in Greenwich about what they didn’t find helpful in dealing with their loved one’s substance use. Here is what they told us: