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Adfam responses

Adfam makes submissions to any consultations which could influence service provision for families affected by drug and alcohol use. Although most consultations are put out by government departments, other bodies such as NICE and the Greater London Authority (GLA) also run them. Submissions include:

Children, young people and education

Foundation Years and Government's Life Chances Strategy (pdf) (2016)

This document is a written submission in response to the Foundation Years and UK Government's Life Chances Strategy that was announced in January 2016. Adfam argues that drug and alcohol use can have an effect on the life chances of children, the links between substance use, poverty and life chances are complex and families affected by substance use face considerable stigma.

Department for Education Special Guardianship review (pdf) (2015)

This Department for Education review considers the role of Special Guardianship Orders, gathering evidence on how the decision-making process and support available can be improved. Special Guardianship Orders are awarded by courts and give legal status and responsibility to those caring for children and young people.

Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People in England Consultation (pdf) (2015)

This response to the Health and Social Care Information Centre's consultation on the future of their survey emphasises the importance of continuing to collect detailed and regular information on the smoking, drinking and drug use of English schoolchildren.

Child Poverty Strategy (pdf) (2014)

This consultation document is a joint submission from Adfam, Alcohol Concern and DrugScope in response to the Government's draft child poverty strategy. The response offers commentary and analysis on the draft strategy and the relationship between substance use and child poverty.

Powers to Delegate Children's Social Care Functions (pdf) (2014)

This response outlines Adfam's views on the Department for Education's plans to allow Local Authorities to outsource the provision of children's social work services to third party providers. Overall, Adfam argues that consideration of profit should never enter into decisions about the wellbeing of vulnerable children, so the proposals should not be implemented.

Measuring child poverty: A consultation on better measures of child poverty (pdf) (2013)

This consultation document is a joint submission from Adfam, Alcohol Concern and DrugScope in response to the Government's consultation on measuring child poverty. It notes that only a minority of the over two million children living in poverty have a parent with a drug or alcohol problem, and it argues that household income should remain the central measure of poverty.

Revised safeguarding statutory guidance (pdf) (2012)

This consultation focused on three key items of statutory guidance on safeguarding. Adfam's response centres on the prevalence and importance of parental substance use in local approaches to safeguarding children; calls for greater recognition and involvement of drug and alcohol treatment services in local safeguarding systems; and states the need for more support for children affected by their parents' substance use.

Tackling Child Poverty and Improving Life Chances (pdf) (2011)

This consultation response considers the content of the Government's Tackling Child Poverty and Improving Life Chances consultation from the perspective of parental substance use.

An Opportunity for Involvement - Children and Parental Substance Use (pdf) (2010)

This policy statement from Adfam was written in response to the Government's announcement of a Childhood and Families Taskforce. It details methods of involvement for policy-makers and how early interventions, a skilled-up workforce, increased localism and involving families in treatment can all help improve outcomes for children whose parents use drugs or alcohol problematically.

Civil society and the voluntary sector

Lloyds Bank Foundation Consultation on tackling poor commissioning practice (pdf) (2016)

In this report Adfam outline their concerns that in an increasingly challenging funding environment, family support services across the country face depletion unless commissioning practices change. However, Adfam also acknowledge the challenges facing commissioners and wants to act as a bridge between them and services in the community.

Consultation on a New Fund to support the Sustainability of Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector Organisations (pdf) (2014)

This response details Adfam's position on the proposed new fund for VCSE organisations. Adfam suggests this fund would be a welcome new resource in encouraging the sustainability of these organisations.

Giving Green Paper (pdf) (2010)

In this response to this consultation from the Cabinet Office, Adfam argues that small voluntary organisations must be at the centre of any initiatives to increase the giving of time and money; umbrella organisations have a key role in ensuring these small organisations have access to the right resources; and Government has an investment role in ensuring giving can be effectively brokered at a local level.

Supporting a Stronger Civil Society (pdf) (2010)

This consultation explores how to improve civil society and looks at issues such as pro bono support for charities, online help for voluntary organisations and improving social capital.

Read the response (pdf) - Question 9 only. This separate question concerns how Government can work with national infrastructure (and umbrella organisations like Adfam) to deliver the Big Society agenda.

The Spending Review (pdf) (2010)

This consultation asked the public to suggest ideas for greater efficiency in the public sector in light of the budget deficit. In this response Adfam illustrates the savings that family support can make to statutory services, and how they can increase the effectiveness of other sectors through better partnership work, for example through improving treatment outcomes.

Criminal justice and rehabilitation

Transforming rehabilitation (pdf) (2013)

This response examines the Government's proposed changes to offender rehabilitation and reintegration measures from the perspective of family support, arguing that family relationships are a key part of work with offenders, and that voluntary organisations working with offenders' families should have every opportunity to contribute to the new contracting systems.

Policing in the 21st Century (pdf) (2010)

This looks at issues including elected Commissioners for local areas, better involvement of partners in the wider criminal justice sector and improving rehabilitation for offenders. Adfam argues for the greater involvement of families in the reintegration of drug/alcohol using offenders and more recognition of their role and importance in tackling local issues like antisocial behaviour and community safety.

Breaking the Cycle: Effective Punishment, Rehabilitation and Sentencing of Offenders (pdf) (2010)

This consultation response answers questions laid out in the Ministry of Justice's Green Paper Breaking the Cycle: Effective Punishment, Rehabilitation and Sentencing of Offenders.

Domestic violence, violence against women and girls

London Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy Consultation (pdf) (2013)

This response answers the questions posed by the Greater London Authority's consultation on improving the city's response to violence against women and girls (VAWG). Amongst other things it focuses on how the response of services to child-parent violence can be developed.

Cross-Government definition of domestic violence: A Consultation (pdf) (2012)

In this document Adfam respond to the Government's consultation on the definition of domestic violence. The consultation offers various options on how the definition might be updated.

In line with Adfam's work on child-parent violence the response calls for the definition to include 16 and 17 year olds both as victims and perpetrators. It also suggests that coercive control should be included in the definition.

Drug and alcohol treatment and interventions

Consultation on proposed amendments to the data set collected on alcohol and drug treatment (pdf) (2016)

Adfam respond to the proposed amendments to the data set collected on alcohol and drug treatment by the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS). Adfam is keen to highlight how the data set collected by the NDTMS can contribute to improved safeguarding of children whose parents are in treatment.

Drug and alcohol addiction, and obesity: effects on employment outcomes (Department for Work and Pensions commissioned independent review) (pdf) (2015)

Adfam responded to the independent review chaired by Carol Black and commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions on improving the employment outcomes for people with drug or alcohol problems.

Consultation on the future of regulating, inspecting and rating specialist substance misuse services in England (pdf) (2015)

This response to the Care Quality Commission's request for views on their proposed plans for inspecting and rating specialist substance misuse services seeks to emphasise the importance of both family support and involvement. It highlights a number of issues, including those drawing on Adfam's work around Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) and minimising risks to children.

Drug misuse and dependence: UK guidelines on clinical management review proposal (pdf) (2014)

This response to the consultation on the ‘Orange Book’ clinical guidelines for drug treatment contains Adfam's suggestions for increasing engagement or and support for families. It covers multiple topics, including recommendations stemming from our work around Opioid Substitute Therapy (OST) and minimising risks to children.

Widening access to naloxone in an emergency (pdf) (2013)

This is a letter sent to the Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in reply to their seeking opinion about the widening of access to naloxone in emergencies.

Piloting Payment by Results for Drugs Recovery - Draft outcome definitions (pdf) (2013)

This consultation puts forward preliminary outcomes for which drug and alcohol and other support services would be paid for, under a new Payment by Results system – for example reductions in offending and abstinence from drugs of dependence. Adfam's reponse discusses how the draft outcomes may affect families and the services that support them, and presses for greater recognition of their work in the new system.

Building Recovery in Communities (pdf) (2011)

This consultation from the National Treatment Agency looks at various aspects of how to make a recovery-oriented system a reality in local areas. Adfam's response analyses the effects that various aspects of this new system might have on families and recommends ways to support families better, ensure they are involved in service planning and delivery, and make the most of their potential to support the recovery of drug and alcohol users.

The 2010 Drug Strategy (pdf) (2010)

This consultation looks at the whole range of measures needed to tackle drug issues. The Government identifies its priorities as preventing drug use; strengthening enforcement; re-balancing treatment to support drug free outcomes; and supporting recovery to break the cycle of drug addiction. Adfam's response looks at how families can be a key part of all of these themes, and argues for their roles, needs and interests to be appropriately recognised.

Healthcare and public health

Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Towards a workforce strategy for the public health system (pdf) (2012)

This consultation offers the chance for organisations to contribute to the strategy for developing a skilled public health workforce. Adfam's response welcomes the development of the strategy and calls for an increased recognition for the voluntary and community sector, sustainable funding for drug and alcohol services under the new system and for Health and Wellbeing Boards to routinely take into account the needs of families.

Healthy Lives, Healthy People (pdf) (2010)

Adfam respond to the questions laid out in the Government's White Paper Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Our strategy for public health in England. The consultation covers topics including the role of GPs under the new Public Health Service and the engaging of local and national partners. Adfam conclude by detailing the five key points identified in the response.

Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS (pdf) (2010)

This white paper sets out the options and intentions for the NHS in terms of coming reform, especially around the commissioning and decision-making processes. It envisages close working with local partners and communities, something Adfam applauds, as well as a new system of outcome monitoring.

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