Campaign to raise awareness of stigma experienced by families affected by substance use

We are excited to launch our new campaign #StigmaMakesMeFeel, to tackle the stigma experienced by families affected by drugs and alcohol. 

From societal attitudes about substance use to unhelpful remarks from friends, stigma is rife and causes  families to feel isolated. One family member told us stigma is “like being labelled with a big invisible sign that I can’t see but others can”.

That’s why we are running #StigmaMakesMeFeel, a campaign that tackles stigma face-on by getting it out in the open. We want people to think about how families experience stigma, and tell us how that makes them feel.

This includes family members with lived experience, professionals supporting these families but also those without direct experience - so we can put stigma on the agenda and start an open and honest discussion.

By the end of the year we are aiming for 1000 photos of people with our stigma-busting campaign boards, telling us how stigma makes them feel.

We'll be taking the boards to our events around the country, as well as sending them to family services and groups. We also have an online version available to download and take your own photos with (pdf). If you would like to get involved please get in touch.

We have used the campaign to launch our Instagram page, where we will be displaying campaign photos as well as on Twitter.

You can also take a look at our report "Challenging Stigma" (pdf) to read in more detail about ways family members affected by drugs and alcohol experience stigma.

Get involved

Join our campaign today by doing 3 quick and simple steps:

  1. Download and print off our A4 campaign board (pdf) 
  2. Write your own message on how stigma makes you feel
  3. Take your photo and Tweet it using the hashtag #StigmaMakesMeFeel (or email it to us at admin@adfam.org.uk)