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The Family Voices Award 2021 Runner's Up

Adfam’s Family Voices Competition allows friends and family members who have lived through someone else’s substance use to express their thoughts and feelings in a creative and constructive way.

We would like to say a special thank you to everyone who entered this year. We received so many emotional and honest pieces of writing.

You can read the poems submitted by our two runner's up, Peter and Amanda below - and the winning entry from Hannah here.

'Angels and Demons: A Journey', by Peter

Part One

Could I possibly do anything more?

He’s losing the battle in a private war

Hitting the bottle at all times of day

He won’t listen to me or the words I say

I don’t recognise him, he’s not himself

In either his physical or mental health

The cronies in the bar are not real mates

He avoids me now, says it’s me he hates

I’m trying to help, I’m not trying to scare

He’s not the old person who used to care

But I will never ever give up the fight

To bring him back home to the light

Part Two

And now some healing time has passed

You’re on the road to recovery at last

When we get the chance, we go for a walk

The time allows us to connect and talk

You’re no longer consumed by self-pity

You smile and crack a joke that’s witty

You’re on a journey; one day at a time

I’m proud of you as I write this rhyme

You still have your demons as we all do

But now you have a changed point of view

The angels are singing to help your plight

'Life is Heaven-sent', by Amanda

You lie there barely breathing,

Unconscious of the world.

The ambulance is on its way

Because your life has swirled

To a staggering stop.

I know you sometimes feel some shame,

So I do not blame you, though I dread

That one day I will find you dead,

For you play a Russian roulette game,

Ignoring that you drop.

Still you take your drugs of choice,

Though your nine lives are spent.

I beg you, listen, for without,

Your inner voice is telling you

That life is heaven-sent.

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