Family champions

Family members volunteering to support Adfam

The experiences and stories of families affected by a loved one’s substance use can contribute to a powerful voice for change. Some people feel strongly they would like to 'make a difference' or, if they felt supported, 'give back' by joining the fight for recognition and support for others in similar situations.

'Family champions' is a broad term with use to describe family members who wish to share their stories and advocate on behalf of others affected by similar issues. Some family champions have fundraised for us, other have spoken at Adfam events, including in parliament. Others have sat on interview panels or reviewed resources in their development stage. If you'd like to get in touch to discuss please email Rob Stebbings.

Adfam is sometimes contacted by journalists who want to hear the family perspective on substance use. If you'd feel comfortable sharing your story more widely please leave some details with us and we'll then get in contact when opportunities arise. We will never share your details with anyone without checking with you first.