Improving life for
 families affected by
  drugs and alcohol

It's that time of year again!

Get your tickets here for our annual carol concert, and our 2019 conference ‘It's not that simple’.

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Has substance use within your family affected your couple relationship?

With @OnePlusOne_ we have created an audio collection of short stories and practical advice from real people living in families affected by drug or alcohol use.

Listen to it here:


Extremely greatful for the opportunity to speak at the @AdfamUK conference today.

Several people approached to highlight that they and the families they support struggle to access #naloxone.

I will work to change this, as all with any influence or involvement should.✌


We asked family members in Greenwich about what they didn’t find helpful in dealing with their loved one’s substance use. Here is what they told us:


“I don’t know if he was bored or trying to numb the family pain.” – Will

Read a father’s story of losing his son to drugs, as well as find information and advice in our Journeys booklet for people living with a drug or alcohol-related bereavement.


"We used to do chemsex for fun. It has now become something we do to get out of it"

Chemsex: more than just sex & drugs is a new resource by @AdfamUK & @lgbtfriend with information & advice for families, partners & friends of people that engage in chemsex


We've delivered specialist practitioner training on families and substance use for many years. Recently, we've refreshed and revised the most popular courses to reflect the very latest evidence and practice. Find out more:


Aaand relax! After a fascinating& inspiring conference it's time to celebrate another year of hard work with our annual carol concert. Thanks to everyone who came& contributed today,& it's great to see so many of you here at @stbrideschurch. Wishing you all a wonderful evening...


Q: How can we use evidence as commissioners?

A: Make sure that you are asking the right questions - make sure the questions are coming from the people you are actually trying to help. If you ask the wrong question your answer won't be relevant. - Ruth McGovern



Carole Sharma - "services need to be open and honest with each other, with a whole-system approach....the fact that drug and alcohol services cannot ask about family fills me with despair" #NotThatSimple


.@KatieParrett2 "we need to be able to talk more openly about these issues, in the same way we are making some progress with mental health...there is too much naivety around the issues and we need to change that"


Question: if in ten years the state of this sector looks a lot better, what could we look back on that has happened now and that made a difference?


.@OliverStanding of @collect_voice - eloquent as ever: "these invisible systems that can be empowering structures for people can become straightjackets - but the system is the sum total of people within it, so we *can* all come together and solve problems"