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If you are affected by the drug, alcohol or gambling problem of a loved one during lockdown, support is available for you. Click here to find out more.

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Women are underrepresented in drug support services and often experience significant barriers to accessing support. We are researching what can be done to change this. If you specialise in working with women who use drugs, we would love to hear from you. medium.com/we-are-with-yo…


Try ayuryoga to help with anxiety!

The College of Medicine and Integrated Health is launching two evidence-informed 8-week programmes, using Yogic and Ayurvedic principles to support the health and wellness of everyone.

More info and sign up here:



Enabling is where the 'helping' results in the removal of the natural consequences of their #substance use.

The problem with enabling is that if people who use #drugs or #alcohol problematically do not experience the consequences, they are unlikely to ever change.



This morning we held a national forum to talk about our work supporting families of veterans affected by substance misuse.

Lorna Templeton presented on the results of research done in collaboration with @FiMTrust and @UniOfYork which culminated in a report and support model


We know that with the right kind of support, children and young people can navigate this challenging time. We urge families not to wait until breaking point.

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