Peter Cartwright, in collaboration with Adfam, has produced a series of online support video sessions for families affected by a loved one’s substance use.

If you are the family member or friend of someone with a substance use problem, these videos are for you. Each video is around 15 minutes in length, and across the 14 sessions, Peter will take you through a range of different themes and topics, providing valuable information and guidance on how to cope with your loved one’s substance use.

Peter, a trained counsellor, trainer and author, is part of the team at Adfam and has been supporting families affected by substance use since 1998.

We would like to thank both the Sidney Ivor Luck Counselling Trust and the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)’s Coronavirus Emergency Fund for their generous support in enabling us to develop these videos.

Watch the videos below:
Peter Cartwright in the Park