We’ve used our extensive experience and skills to create our own Adfam support services which you can access directly:

Adfam East Sussex
Request support free of charge

Here’s a rundown of our services in East Sussex.
1:1 Sessions
Support sessions enable you to explore how your loved one’s drug or alcohol use is affecting you and to be supported in making changes (if you wish to). Our experienced Family Support Family Coordinators will listen, introduce helpful ideas and walk alongside you (metaphorically!) as you plan a way forward.
Some of our clients, through their one-to-one sessions, identify a need for more intensive, specific counselling. We are able to offer up to 12 free counselling sessions with a therapeutic counsellor.
Peer Support Groups – Online
Our online Peer Support Groups provide a safe and confidential space to bring our clients together to share their experiences and support each other with suggestions and advice. These groups are facilitated by our Family Support Coordinators,
Info & Skills Sessions – Online
The sessions provide invaluable information to help you navigate relationships with loved ones who uses alcohol or substances problematically. The topics explored include: confidence, drugs and alcohol, setting boundaries and enabling. The sessions are facilitated by one of our Family Support Coordinators.
Mental Wellbeing Workshops – Online
These workshops provide information on mental wellbeing including stress, anxiety, depression and the impact of alcohol and substance use on mental health. The sessions are facilitated by one of our Family Support Coordinators.

For any queries about the service please get in touch with the East Sussex team (please note that this is for operational enquiries and not an advice line). 

Adfam stores and uses personal data in line with the GDPR. We will never share your data with another organisation for any purpose. Data will be kept and used only for as long as is necessary to enable us to provide you with the support you request, and to fulfil legal and statutory obligations. For further details please see Adfam’s full privacy policy.