Adfam East Sussex

Commissioned under the East Sussex County Council Recovery Fund, Adfam East Sussex provides:

• support to families and friends/loved ones who are supporting those with substance misuse problems;
• training to develop the skills of professionals to work with family carers;
• advocacy to ensure that local strategy and planning work recognises and addresses this need.

Our offer

1:1 Sessions

Support sessions will provide you with the opportunity to explore how your loved one’s drug or alcohol use is affecting you and to receive support with how to make changes if you would like to. Our experienced Family Support Family Coordinators will spend time listening to you, and over the sessions will also introduce a range of topics which we have found to be helpful to those affected by another person’s substance use. Our Family Support Coordinators will (metaphorically!) walk alongside you as you plan a way forward and may make suggestions for further support or advice if appropriate.


Some of our clients, through their 1-1 sessions, identify a need for more intensive, specific counselling. We are able to offer up to 12 free counselling sessions with a therapeutic counsellor in these cases.

Peer Support Groups – Online

Our online Peer Support Groups provide a safe and confidential space to bring our clients together to share their experiences and support each other. These groups are facilitated by our Family Support Coordinators and give clients an opportunity to speak openly about their issues and give suggestions and advice.

Info & Skills Sessions – Online

The aim of these sessions is to provide an education element to our clients’ journeys and equip them with knowledge that may be useful to navigating a relationship with a loved one who uses alcohol or substances problematically. The topics explored include Confidence, Drugs & Alcohol, Setting Boundaries, Enabling. The sessions are facilitated by one of our Family Support Coordinators.

Mental Wellbeing Workshops – Online

The aim of these workshops is to provide information on mental wellbeing including stress, anxiety, depression and the impact of alcohol and substances use on mental health. The sessions are facilitated by one of our Family Support Coordinators.

Mindfulness Drop-In – Online

Our 30-min mindfulness drop-ins provide our clients with the opportunity to relieve their stress and feel calmer and relaxed. The sessions are facilitated by one of our Family Support Coordinators.

Please click here to see the current Timetable. New dates will be published soon.

If you live in East Sussex and are interested in any of the services above, please complete the referral form below or contact Katie who can talk to you about the support we provide.

Details of the training programme will be circulated through local networks.

If you would like more detail on any aspect of the project, please contact Mary Carter, East Sussex Project Lead.

Adfam stores and uses personal data in line with the GDPR. We will never share your data with another organisation for any purpose. Data will be kept and used only for as long as is necessary to enable us to provide you with the support you request, and to fulfil legal and statutory obligations. For further details please see Adfam’s full privacy policy