Alcohol & Families Alliance

The Alcohol and Families Alliance (AFA) is an alliance of organisations from across the voluntary and statutory sectors united in reducing the harms experienced by families as a result of alcohol. Adfam provides the secretariat and it is Chaired by Eric Appleby. 

The AFA believes that:

  • Current policy does not sufficiently protect children and families from alcohol related harms
  • The misuse of alcohol can have serious and detrimental effects on the health and well-being of children and families
  • The damaging effects of alcohol on children and families are not confined to those incurred by drinkers diagnosed as hazardous, dangerous or dependent.

For more information, visit the AFA website, follow the AFA on Twitter at @AlcoholFamilies or email the AFA.

Alcohol and Intimate Partner Relationships

This study, published by the AFA in April 2023, looks at the experiences of those affected by the drinking of an intimate partner and the negative effects drinking can have on a relationship. It finds that drinking does not necessarily need to be frequent or considered dependent, to have a negative effect on partners and relationships. A range of negative effects were reported, including a breakdown of trust between partners, conflict, tension and lack of emotional connection and intimacy.

The study’s recommendations include a call for the Reducing Parental Conflict Programme to focus on drinking, measures to reduce the centrality of alcohol in society, and consideration of a public campaign to raise awareness on how alcohol can affect relationships.

Download the full report (pdf).

Families First

In 2018 the AFA launched Families First (pdf), a policy report examining the impact alcohol has on families and children in the UK and the gaps in support, making policy recommendations for closing those gaps.

​Families First was launched in Parliament on 3 July 2018 at an event sponsored by Caroline Flint MP and supported by the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Alcohol Harm and on Children of Alcoholics.

Download the report (pdf)

Like Sugar for Adults

In 2017 the AFA, in partnership with the Institute of Alcohol Studies and Alcohol Focus Scotland , published Like Sugar for Adults, a research report looking into parental drinking and its impact on children.

Whilst there is a significant amount of research on the impact of chronic drinking on families and children, far less is known about the impact of ‘moderate’ or ‘lower risk’ drinking. The study aimed to address this by investigating the impact of alcohol on children across a range of drinking levels and patterns.

Download the report (pdf)