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I’m new here and don’t know how this site works yet so I apologise if I’m on the wrong bit of it. My daughter is an alcoholic and turns into a monster when she’s drinking. I’m finding it harder and harder to cope, my mental health is suffering and I’ve no support from anyone. I’ve been on my own 10 years and I’m used to dealing with everything by myself but this is killing me. Thank you for reading

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    i can hear by the tone of your text the amount of pain you’re in and my heart really goes out to you.

    I’m going through the same situation with my wife and it’s heartbreaking to see alcohol consume someone like that. I understand you feel alone, anxious, scared and lost all at the same time.


    unfortunately I don’t know how to help your daughter but I do know you have to look after yourself. I quite enjoy long walks, especially at sunrise as theres  a lot of wildlife to see and hear. It also helps me clear my head for the day. Try to find something that gives you a little respite from the heartache as it will help with your mental health.

    I’ve never posted on here before and so I hope you receive this message


    Take care of yourself

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