Frank takes on the Speed Project

Frank takes on the Speed Project

We are really excited to announce that ultra-marathon runner and endurance athlete Frank Bingham is taking on the Speed Project later this month to raise money for Adfam!

The Speed Project if you didn’t know, is a gruelling 500km race through the desert from Los Angeles to Las Vegas! The race commences from Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles and culminates at the iconic ‘Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign.

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An expedition that’s normally completed by runners as a relay race in teams of six, Frank is taking it on all by himself as a solo runner. There are no rules, no designated route, just run across the brutal, rugged, and relentless terrain, which includes the notorious Death Valley!

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One can barely imagine the level of resolve, determination and commitment required to take on such an extraordinary challenge. And if that wasn’t enough, to top it off, when Frank returns to London, he will also be running the London Marathon on 21st April!

As Frank prepares himself, the question everyone has been asking him is, ‘Frank, why are you doing this?!’

Adfam’s cause holds personal significance for Frank, having grown up in a single-parent household in New Addington, South London in the 1970s with his mother who had a serious alcohol problem. Throughout his childhood years he experienced the fear, chaos and stigma that comes alongside growing up with an alcohol dependent parent. He also endured racial discrimination and prejudice as one of the few black children in the community at that time.

As Frank grew older, he took on caring responsibilities for his two younger siblings. There were times his mum would disappear for a week, leaving Frank on his own to look after his brother and sister. He lived through the constant fear of whether he would be able to support them, and if there would be enough money to pay for basics such as bills and food. The gravity of the situation he was faced with as a child and the responsibilities placed upon him were immense.

When Frank became an adult, he was determined to advocate for mental health and wellbeing through participation in physical activity and outdoor exploration. He trained to become a personal trainer and developed an enthusiasm for trail running, which has led to him competing as an ultra-marathon runner and endurance athlete. Always keen to give something back to society, Frank has also been a keen supporter of inspiring causes and has become as a lead runner for Black Trail Runners, a community and campaigning charity that seeks to increase inclusion, participation and representation of Black people in trail running. It’s of vital importance to Frank that adventure and its associated physical and mental benefits are accessible to individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of colour, age, or socioeconomic status.

Whilst Frank is certainly no stranger to extreme challenges, he’s never taken on something quite like the Speed Project! We’re so grateful to Frank for taking on this remarkable challenge to support Adfam and raise awareness of the impact of addiction on families. Please do everything you can to show your support to Frank too and follow him as he updates us all on his progress!

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