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Supporting People Bereaved through a Drug or Alcohol-Related Death by Peter Cartwright

This important book provides guidance for those that are helping bereaved adults through the process of grieving loved ones who have died as a result of drug or alcohol use. Also, whilst they are not the primary readership, it was written being mindful that people bereaved this way would be interested to read it too.

Its publication comes at a time where sadly both drug and alcohol-related deaths are at an all time high in the UK and many other countries across the globe.

Losing anyone you love can be devastating, but given the uniqueness of a substance-related bereavement, which is often particularly severe, complex and long-lasting, a specific kind of support and counselling is required. This book plays a vital role, providing much practical guidance on how to counsel, a summary of key relevant theories, powerful and moving case studies and practical techniques.

It is a must read for those whose work involves supporting people bereaved in this way, including counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists, as well as family support workers, drug and alcohol treatment workers, peer supporters, faith leaders, and even family, friends, colleagues and employers.

The book’s lead author and editor, Peter Cartwright, is also a counsellor, group facilitator and trainer. He has for many years been involved with developing good practice in counselling people bereaved through a drug or alcohol-related death. His pioneering work in this field make him one of the leading experts in this area.

‘As Chief Executive of Adfam, England’s leading organisation supporting families and friends affected by substance use, I am very pleased to endorse this book, which makes a very important contribution to practice around a particularly difficult and sensitive issue…that of substance related bereavement.’

Vivienne Evans OBE, Chief Executive, Adfam

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