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10 Top Tips for if you’re staying at home and
5 Ideas for mental and emotional wellbeing

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Adfam Top Tips

Our work at Adfam supports families and loved ones of those with substance use problems to stay healthy and well, in spite of their circumstances. The current global pandemic of the Covid-19 virus is resulting in unprecedented changes to our lives for the coming weeks. Many of these changes, we know, will put an additional strain on families we support. Already challenging circumstances may become even more difficult. 

Whilst a lot may feel out of our control, and there is a lot of uncertainty, it’s crucial that we take steps to maintain and improve our own wellbeing and resilience. Whilst it’s often tempting to think of others first, paying attention to our own self-care means that we are better able to support others.

There is a lot of advice out there for staying well. We’ve pulled together a selection of the best. We’ll continue to share new ideas over the coming weeks. Please check our social media ( we are on twitter, instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) and website if you would like to.


10 Top Tips if you’re staying at home

Our tips include ‘Creating a routine’, ‘Exercising and moving around’ and ‘Taking time to be mindful’. Download the full guide here.

6 Ideas for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

In addition to the general tips, here are some specific practices which science shows are highly effective for improving our mental and emotional health. Download the full guide here.